2020 — A Decade of a Year


2020 was a year of vulnerability, exposure, anxiety, and anger. It was emotionally exhausting. It was hard to find joy. It was something to endure.

  • Controlling and patriarchal organizations and cultures have not stood up under the bright light of transparency.
  • Our schools and educational traditions are inadequate in the face of a rapidly spinning, complex, and global economy.
  • The earth showed us just how much damage we do on a regular basis and seemed relieved to have a break as we quarantined.
  • Our economy and stock markets have shown gaping inadequacy in the face of stress — completely out of sync with the majority of people, thus creating separate economies for those who own property, stocks, and companies and those who don’t.
  • Our health — and health care — has collapsed under the weight of COVID, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and stretching our healthcare staff to extremes.
  • Are we committed to the potential of technology or to its limitations?
  • Are we committed to racism, or will we fight it?
  • Are we committed to broad and shared prosperity or to our patriarchal systems?
  • Are we committed to protecting the earth and the environment or will we continue to extract as much as we can without investing in renewal?
  • Are we committed to oligarchy or democracy?


As we turn the corner into 2021, I can feel the tender shoots of emergence springing up, fragile and tentative but growing.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver



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Rachel Happe

Rachel Happe


Connector of ideas & people. Fascinated by social dynamics & false truths. Founder of Engaged Organizations and co-Founder of The Community Roundtable.